Why U Ethical

U Ethical is an investment manager with a difference. We believe in creating a better world by investing with purpose—today and into the future. Our ethical investment philosophy has remained constant over many years and explains why investing with purpose is essential to creating a better world.

Our ethical investment process

Ethical investing is the process we use to achieve our vision of improving the world through the power of purposeful investing. We apply negative and positive screens to direct all investment decisions towards that vision in accordance with our ethical investment policy and applying our ethical investment and stewardship approach. Please refer to our ethical investment policy for the definitions of our positive and negative screens.

We seek to invest in:

  • Clean energy and technology

    Clean energy and technology

  • Sustainable agriculture

    Sustainable agriculture

  • Circular economy

    Circular economy

  • Employment


  • Community and education services

    Community and education services

  • Health care

    Health care

We don't invest in:

  • Fossil fuels (coal mining, oil and gas production, power generation)

    Fossil fuels (coal mining, oil and gas production, power generation)

  • Uranium mining and nuclear

    Uranium mining and nuclear

  • Controversial, civilian and conventional weapons

    Controversial, civilian and conventional weapons

  • Adult entertainment

    Adult entertainment

  • Gambling


  • Animal cruelty

    Animal cruelty

  • Alcohol production

    Alcohol production

  • Tobacco production

    Tobacco production

  • Subject to a materiality threshold of >5% of revenue or earnings

We hold companies to account - advocating for shifts in corporate behaviour.

Raising environmental and social concerns - to meet the expectations of our investors and society.

Investing with purpose - adopting bold positions on important ethical matters.

From investing in the market to investing in the community

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, most of our surplus goes to facilitate community programs and social justice advocacy initiatives. Since 1995, we have contributed more than $65 million to facilitate programs ranging from assisting asylum seekers to supporting people with disabilities, to campaigning for the eradication of modern slavery.

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