Important Notice to Investors

These dates apply if you have directly invested into a U Ethical managed fund or via a platform.

Anticipated key dates for 2022/2023 financial year U Ethical Retail and Wholesale Funds:

Item Anticipated date
Unit prices freeze period Monday 01 July - Tuesday 11 July 2023 (4)
June month-end unit prices available Monday 03 July 2023
Ex-distribution unit prices available Thursday 06 July 2023
Distribution (cents per unit) available Friday 07 July 2023
Distribution reinvestments processed: Effective 01 July 2022 Monday 10 July 2023
Distribution payments made: Monday 10 July 2023
Distribution statements From mid-July 2023 (1, 2)
Annual AMMA* tax statements From mid-August 2023 (1, 3)

* Attribution Managed Investment Trust Member Annual tax statement.

1 If you have opted for mailed statements, please allow up to 10 additional business days for mailed statements to arrive.

2 Tax statements for investors who held the U Ethical Growth Portfolio and U Ethical Funeral Fund will not receive a tax statement.

3 Periodic statements are only available to those invested in the U Ethical Australian Equities Trust and U Ethical Cash Management Trust.

4 Applications and redemptions received during the freeze period will be given good value on the date they are received, and processed on the 11 July 2023 once catch-up pricing has been finalilsed. Redemptions out of cash funds will receive proceeds as normal, however redemptions out of all other funds will receive proceeds in line with their statement from the 11 July 2023.