Robin Burns

Non-Executive Director

Robin Burns

Committees: Investment; People and nominations

Robin has over 30 years of senior executive experience in a range of financial services enterprises, including listed companies, superannuation funds and large international companies. He was Managing Director of Equity Trustees Ltd from 2010 to 2016 and since then has held a number of non-executive director positions.

Before Equity Trustees he was CEO of Equipsuper and held previous positions as a CEO and CFO in companies engaged in financial advice and investments, life and health insurance, stockbroking and investment banking.

Robin is a past member of the Chartered Accounting Institutes in England & Wales and Australia and was a personal member of the Australian Stock Exchange. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Current appointments:

Non-executive director, and Chair of Board Investment Committee - BT Funds Management Ltd.

Non-executive director, and Chair of Audit and Risk & Compliance Committees - Defence Health Ltd.

Member - External Compliance Committee, PIMCO Australia Ltd.

Recent former appointments:

Non-executive director and Chair - Indue Ltd.

Non-executive director - 8IP Emerging Companies Ltd.

Non-executive director - Financial Services Council.

U Ethical is a leader in responsible investment, and guided by its values and approach to investing it consistently fosters real, positive outcomes not only for clients and other stakeholders, but society as a whole. Its vision to improve the world through the power of ethical investment clearly motivates members within the organisation dedicated to bringing this to fruition.

Having been involved in investing on a professional basis for many years, with the aim of helping individuals achieve their long-term financial goals and security, I am very pleased to join and contribute to U Ethical, an organisation that is directly and demonstrably focused on a broader range of outcomes. By transcending its focus beyond solely financial returns, it in turn delivers sustainable, long-term results – both financially and through an environmental and social impact lens.