Andrew Gruskin

Director - Operations

Andrew Gruskin

Credentials: BEc Econometrics & Quantitative Economics; Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investments, Portfolio Management

Andrew manages U Ethical’s Operations and Technology. This involves overseeing trade settlement, valuation and unit pricing of investment portfolios, and evolving the use of information technology for improving the efficiency of operational process and information sharing with UE and to our clients and stakeholders.

Andrew has 29 years’ experience in financial services as a portfolio manager, quantitative analyst, and trader. He began his investments career at Commonwealth Funds Management, was the inaugural equities manager for Vanguard Investments Australia, and for 14 years was the co-founder and principal of Omega Global Investors (multi-asset global investment manager).

U Ethical is true to the values it holds up against others and has a clear and deep commitment to sustainability. Investing with purpose can't be realised unless the investor conducts itself in the way it expects from companies in which it invests. Investing with ESG considerations is more than just a set of numbers.