Investing with purpose

Improve our world through the power of ethical investing.

Investing with purpose

We conduct extensive research to find investments with positive impacts and exclude those that have negative effects on society or the environment.

We proactively invest in:

  • Clean energy

    Clean energy

  • Sustainable agriculture

    Sustainable agriculture

  • Recycling and reuse

    Recycling and reuse

  • Employment


  • Community and education services

    Community and education services

  • Health care

    Health care

We don't invest in:

  • Thermal coal

    Thermal coal

  • Unconventional oil and gas extraction

    Unconventional oil and gas extraction

  • Uranium for non-medical use

    Uranium for non-medical use

  • Armaments


  • Predatory lending

    Predatory lending

  • Gambling


  • Pornography and adult entertainment

    Pornography and adult entertainment

  • Animal cruelty

    Animal cruelty

  • Alcohol production

    Alcohol production

  • Tobacco manufacturing

    Tobacco manufacturing

Performance and impact

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$1.1 billion+

in funds under management—and growing.

$59 million+

in charitable grants since 1995.


ethical investors including institutions and charities, community organisations and individual investors.